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from argparse import ArgumentParser
from csv import reader as csv_reader
from pprint import pformat
from xml.dom.minidom import parseString as xml_parser
from xml.etree.ElementTree import Element as XMLElement
from xml.etree.ElementTree import SubElement as XMLSubElement
from xml.etree.ElementTree import tostring as element_stringifier
class System:
"""Represents an L-System"""
def __init__(
name: str,
base: list[str],
axiom: str,
substitutions: list[tuple[str, str]],
interpretations: list[tuple[str, str]],
# Space trimming for class members = name.strip()
"""System name"""
self.base = map(str.strip, base)
"""Set used"""
self.axiom = axiom.strip()
"""Axiom used at the start of iterations"""
self.substitutions = [(m.strip(), s.strip()) for m, s in substitutions]
Substitution for each member of the base,
represented as a couple (member, substitution)
self.interpretations = [(m.strip(), i.strip()) for m, i in interpretations]
Interpretation for each member of the base,
represented as a couple (member, interpretation)
def __repr__(self):
return pformat(object=self.__dict__, compact=True, width=120, sort_dicts=False)
def to_xml(self) -> XMLElement:
"""Convert the current system into an XML element"""
system = XMLElement("lsystem")
base = XMLSubElement(system, "name")
base.text =
base = XMLSubElement(system, "base")
base.text = "".join(self.base)
axiom = XMLSubElement(system, "axiom")
axiom.text = self.axiom
substitutions = XMLSubElement(system, "substitutions")
for member, substitution in self.substitutions:
sub_element = XMLSubElement(substitutions, "substitution")
sub_element.set("member", member)
sub_element.text = substitution
interpretations = XMLSubElement(system, "interpretations")
for member, interpretation in self.interpretations:
inter_element = XMLSubElement(interpretations, "interpretation")
inter_element.set("member", member)
# If the interpretation is "do nothing", then do nothing
if len(interpretation) == 0:
interpretation = "TURN 0"
inter_element.text = interpretation
return system
def data_reader(path: str, delimiter: str = ","):
"""Read a CSV file and returns a list of L-System"""
res: list[System] = []
with open(path) as csv_file:
data = csv_reader(csv_file, delimiter=delimiter)
for system in data:
if len(system) == 0:
name = system[0]
base = list(system[1])
axiom = system[2]
substitutions = [(v, system[3 + i]) for i, v in enumerate(base)]
interpretations = [
(v, system[3 + i + len(substitutions)]) for i, v in enumerate(base)
res.append(System(name, base, axiom, substitutions, interpretations))
return res
def lsystems_xml(systems: list[System]) -> XMLElement:
"""Convert list of L-system structure into XML"""
root = XMLElement("lsystems")
for system in systems:
return root
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = ArgumentParser(description="Generate XML representation of L-systems")
"file", metavar="FILE", help="CSV file containing L-system data"
"-o", "--output", metavar="OUTPUT_FILE", help="Specify output file for XML"
args = parser.parse_args()
# Read data
lsystems = data_reader(args.file)
# Generate XML
xml = lsystems_xml(lsystems)
# Add XML model declaration
xml_string = (
'<?xml-model href="l-systems.xsd"?>\n' + element_stringifier(xml).decode()
# Output XML
dom = xml_parser(xml_string)
pretty_xml = dom.toprettyxml(indent=" ", encoding="UTF-8").decode()
if args.output:
with open(args.output, "w") as output_file: