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Tom, a twitch bot



Here is the list of available commands by default:

Some command have aliases, see list for more information

Command Explanation
add Add command to the database (add command_name command_message)
remove Remove command from database (remove command_name)
list Print all available commands (internal and user-defined)
edit Modify a database command (edit command_name new_command_message)

Setup with Docker

  • Via docker-compose
  • Via command line
    docker run -d \
        --name="Bot-Tom" \ \
        --ACCESS_TOKEN="yourAccessToken" \
        --PREFIX="yourPrefix" \
        --CHANNEL="yourChannel(s)" \
        -v /here/your/path/:/app/db

Setup Locally

  • Requires Python 3.11.6

  • Install dependencies

    python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Rename .envexample file in .env, then open the file and complete the fields

    Field Explanation
    ACCESS_TOKEN Access token of the bot account (be sure you selected Bot Chat Token)
    PREFIX Prefix used for your bot
    CHANNEL Twitch channel(s) where the bot will run (separate by comma)
    RIOT_CHANNEL* Replace CHANNEL by the channel name, example: RIOT_PONCE, value should be your Riot ID, prefixed by the region, example: eu/User#123

    * Available regions are: EU, AP, NA, KR

  • Start bot

    cd src; python3