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The Flap Compiler


Flap requires OCaml 4.10+, as well as the tools and libraries listed below. They should be installed prior to attempting to build Flap.

  • The dune build system.
  • The utop enhanced interactive toplevel.
  • The pprint library.
  • The menhir parser generator and library.
  • The sexplib library.
  • The ppx_sexp_conv syntax extension.

The easiest way to install them is via OPAM.

opam install dune utop pprint menhir sexplib ppx_sexp_conv

In addition, running the test requires the cram tool. It is probably provided by your Linux distribution.

Build instructions

To compile the compiler, run dune build from this directory.

To run the compiler, run dune exec ./src/flap.exe -- OPTIONS file from this directory. Alternatively, flap.exe can be found in _build/default/src/.

The test suite can be found in the tests directory. See the README there.